Glossary of ULTRAPLACAD abbreviations

Ab antibody

a-TAA auto-antibody against tumor associated antigen

CRC colorectal cancer

CSLI clinical and laboratory standards institute

DHF Design History File

EAB External Advisory Board

EC European Commission

ETP European Technology Platform

FIT fecal immunochemical tests

FOBT fecal occult blood tests

GP General Practicioner

HG hydrogel

IVD in vitro diagnostics

LOD limit of detection

LSP localized surface plasmon

MDx molecular diagnostics

miR microRNA

NESPRI nanostructure-enhanced surface plasmon resonance imaging

NRAS neuroblastoma RAS viral oncogene homolog

PEF plasmon-enhanced fluorescence

PEFSI plasmon-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy imaging

PNA peptide nucleic acid

R2R roll to roll

SERS surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy

SP surface plasmon

SPR surface plasmon resonance

SPRI surface plasmon resonance imaging

TAA tumor associated antigen