Project team

ULTRAPLACAD project is coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Spoto from the University of Catania (Italy), representing the coordinating institute INBB – Istituto Nazionale Biostrutture e Biosistemi. Elena Turco from the company AMIRES is the Project Manager.

Thanksgivings to Cristina Calì Prof. Giuseppe Spoto

Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche – Università di Catania

Phone: +39 095 7385141


Elena Elena Turco

AMIRES – EU projects, Technology scouting & Business innovation

Phone:  +420 226 217 422 – Mobile: +420 734 230 428


The project team includes partners holding cross-disciplinary competencies needed to achieve the proposed results, and include two of the first five plasmon resonance groups in the world, the inventor of surface plasmon microscopy – also known as surface plasmon resonance imaging – and plasmon-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy, and provide a full European value chain including the design of disposable chips and readout platforms, development and manufacturing.

Participant organisation name Country Logos and websites
1 National Institute of Biostructures and Biosystems Italy INBB-color
Uni_Catania Uni_Firenze Logo Uni Parma_Black_2 lines
2 Austrian Institute of Technology Austria a_logo
3 Institute of Photonics and Electronics Czech Republic 141027_UFE_logo_simple
4 Italian National Cancer Institute Regina Elena Italy IRE
5 University of Twente Netherlands logo_en-US
6 University of Siegen Germany
7 University of Ferrara Italy LOGO-UNIFE
8 VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Finland VTT_RGB
9 Scriba Nanotecnologie Italy Scriba_logo
10 Ginolis Oy Finland Ginolis-LOGO-centerBlack
11 Future Diagnostics Solutions Netherlands Future-diagnostics
12 Horiba France SAS France HSci-logo
13 Amires s.r.o. Czech Republic Amires_

The ULTRAPLACAD External Advisory Board (EAB) is established with the objectives to receive support during the technical specification phase of the project, validation of results; confirm the continuity of high quality objectives before mid-term and support for flawless result exploitation and shift towards potentially new innovative products at the end of the project. The list of selected experts, members of the ULTRAPLACAD External Advisory Board, is following:

  •  Jola Gore-Booth, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at EuropaColon
  •  Patrice M. Milos, President and Chief Executive Officer at Medley Genomics, Providence 
  •  Maurizio Ferrari, President of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC)
  •  Markus Paulmichl, Member (Vice Chair) of the Pharmacogenomics Working Party at European Medicines Agency
  •  David N. Reinhoudt, responsible for the Radboud Nanomedicine Alliance at Radboud University Nijmegen
  •  Santiago Valor, Chief Medical Officer at SYNLAB Group, Madrid
  •  Francesca Spinella, Scientific coordinator at Laboratorio GENOMA Group srl