ULTRAPLACAD 1 year is gone!

The 12 month meeting of ULTRAPLACAD project was held on 27th – 28th April 2016 at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague.


Prof. Jiři Homola from the Institute of Photonics and Electronics warmly welcomed the project team and the External Advisory Board (EAB) members Mrs. Jola Gore-Booth (EuropaColon), Prof. Maurizio Ferrari (IFCC), and Dr. Patrice M. Milos (Claritas Genomics). In the first day, the external experts had the opportunity to hear about the achievements of ULTRAPLACAD project, presented by the different partners. In the afternoon, a session was dedicated to the EAB recommendations to partners, mainly focused on the impact that the project will have on the society and on the market. As usual, technical discussions occurred to take decisions and agree on next actions. Finally, specific sessions on Open Access publications and on Exploitation and IPR strategies were attended by all the partners. Again the meeting was characterized by a collaborative and proactive behaviour of all the participants.


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