ULTRAPLACAD project is halfway

After the submission to the European Commission of the reports describing the activities performed by the partners during the first 18 months, the project ULTRAPLACAD is halfway, with important results already achieved.

The project started with the identification of technical specifications of ULTRAPLACAD final industrial prototype. ULTRAPLACAD is focused at developing a plasmonic-based device with integrated nanostructures for the detection of mutated DNAs, microRNAs and tumor autoantibodies (a-TAAs). The detection of all these molecular cancer biomarkers freely circulating in blood of colorectal cancer patients will be combined in a single device that is expected to overcome hurdles and limitations of the currently available approaches.

In the first 18 months, nanostructure geometries for the novel surface plasmon resonance imaging (NESPRI) and plasmon-enhanced fluorescence (PEFSI) sensing technologies were identified. Probes for the selected all-RAS mutations and microRNAs have been synthesized and candidate antigenic peptides for a-TAA detection have been defined. ULTRAPLACAD will detect genomic DNA and microRNA with no need for preliminary amplification of the nucleic acid sequences. In addition, a-TAAs will be detected with an improved sensitivity with respect to conventional fluorescence detection platforms. Attomolar detection of all-RAS mutations and femtomolar detection of microRNAs have been already demonstrated. ULTRAPLACAD will develop a bimodal industrial prototype and the first version of NESPRI and PEFSI reader laboratory prototypes have been completed. Automated fabrication processes suitable for low cost mass production will be developed in the project and high-volume fabrication of nanostructured disposable chips has been already demonstrated.

ULTRAPLACAD project has a duration of 42 months, please, stay updated about the upcoming project results!

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