ULTRAPLACAD project successfully finished!

The ULTRAPLACAD project, funded with 6 million euro by the European Commission under Horizon 2020, has been completed after 42 months of research. The project led to the development of a new device for the diagnosis of colorectal cancer, which allows early diagnosis through a simple blood sample. The device was tested at the Regina Elena National Cancer Institute in Rome. The new system enables the simultaneous detection of DNA alterations and the presence of specific proteins in the blood, which represent a potential warning sign for colorectal cancer. A major advantage is that the system can selectively recognize tumour-associated molecules, such as DNA and proteins, using nanotechnology, with no need for amplification of samples. The new technology – although developed specifically for the early detection of colorectal cancer – could also be used for the screening of other types of cancer diseases, with considerable benefits in terms of diagnosis and costs for the national health systems.

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